Our Vision

The Tiny House Project

We are so excited to ANNOUNCE that Kentucky Awakening Mosaic is PARTNERING with Harlan County Kentucky to provide TINY HOMES for a wonderful project in the THE VILLAGE OF HOPE! Mosaic is churches across Kentucky coming together to make a real difference in the lives of people in Kentucky! Mosaic is committed to "Creating Synergy-Releasing Strategy for Kentucky's greatest awakening! YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS PROJECT!


Jordan's Story

Evangelist Rick Curry, who is the founder of Mosaic KY and the visionary of An Appeal to Heaven was at the most recent Kentucky Governor’s prayer breakfast. The Judge Executive from Harlan County, shared about a young man named Jordan, who was homeless in Harlan, living in the woods behind the Harlan High School. Jordan is 18 and now a Junior in High School.  He didn’t attend 3 years of school, because of his home situation. Jordan’s father died of a drug overdose, his mom is in a state penitentiary. Jordan was living with his grandmother and grandfather until their deaths (45 days apart).  After their deaths, the bank repossessed their farm. Jordan found himself homeless and living in the woods.  He desired to finish school.


Eventually, a group of homeless young people joined him in the woods. They were homeless due to their horrible family situations, like the loss of parents or being abandoned. So Jordan has been helping these other young people. Rick was moved by this story, he thought the room would explode, but it stayed silent. Rick thought, "someone has to do something to help out Jordan and the other homeless young people.” The number is currently over a thousand homeless young people in Harlan County alone. So Rick came up with the thought of doing tiny homes. Rick spoke with Dan Mosley the Judge Executive of Harlan County and shared what was on his heart. He told that Judge Executive that day to go back to Jordan and tell Jordan he just met the man who would build him a home. 

August 2019 that tiny home is becoming a reality and Jordan will be the recipient of that home.